It costs you nothing but time...

Volunteer Orientation

Our next Volunteer Orientation is TBD at our adoption center.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent, we’ll explain the process and help you figure out the next step for you. You’ll find fostering with C.A.R.E. to be a very rewarding experience – with each dog you foster, you’ll realize the joy of saving a dog’s life and of bringing a new family member to the adoptive family.

Foster Parenting

C.A.R.E. is in need of people willing to open their hearts and homes to dogs and puppies in need. The degree to which we’re able to help is directly related to the number of foster homes available. Some people think it will be hard to give up that first foster dog, and that is true. But you will have the immense satisfaction that comes with saving an dog’s life.

As a C.A.R.E. foster home, you will:

  • Care for the fosters in your home following C.A.R.E. guidelines. C.A.R.E. provides the food and most supplies as well as covers all medical expenses (including health checks, vaccinations, spay/neutering fees, etc.) and necessary grooming.
  • Provide a profile for your foster dog for the C.A.R.E. web site and Petfinder.
  • Answer questions that prospective adopters send to you via email.
  • Bring your foster dogs to the scheduled adoption fairs.
  • Be mentored by another C.A.R.E. foster parent.

During pet fairs, you will:

  • Answer questions about your foster dog.
  • Conduct interviews of prospective adopters.
  • Answer questions about C.A.R.E.


  • Come by our Adoption Center during our scheduled Saturday hours and talk to us.
  • Volunteer at our Adoption Center for a few weeks to learn more about our organization and explore the type of dog or puppy you’d like to help.
  • Allow us to check out your home and fostering situation.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are very special to us at C.A.R.E. because without them, we couldn’t do the life-saving work needed in our community. Volunteers are special in their tireless devotion to the foster dogs in our care. It costs volunteers nothing but their time, and in this busy world, that’s a difficult commodity to find.

There are many opportunities for people willing to open their hearts to our rescued dogs, including local high school students in need of volunteer hours to fulfill their graduation requirement. Here are a few of the volunteer opportunities:

  • fostering
  • assisting during adoption fairs
  • adoption counseling
  • transporting animals
  • fundraising
  • collecting donated food and hard good supplies
  • assisting with:
    – grant writing
    – photography/videotaping
    – special events
    – adoption packet assembly
  • helping during local community events and pet fairs.

Student Volunteers

Minimum age: 16 years old

Student volunteers can assist with the following before, during and after adoption fairs:

Adoption Fair Set-up:

  • Unload dogs from cars when foster homes arrive.
  • Prepare kennels for dogs (e.g., kennel bedding, toys, and water).
  • Be sure the dog’s resume is on each kennel.

Work During Adoption Fairs:

  • Walk or socialize dogs at foster parent’s request/approval.
  • Check bedding and change it as soon as possible if a mess occurs.
  • Direct potential adopters interested in any of the dogs to the foster home who can answer questions regarding the dog.
  • Answer questions about C.A.R.E.
  • Clean up kennels after a dog is adopted, removing bedding and other items in the kennel and wiping out the kennel with disinfectant.
  • Help with other projects such as unloading/sorting donations and collating new adoption packets.

Clean Up After Adoption Fairs:

  • Empty water bowls and clean up empty kennels.
  • Sweep and straighten up.
  • Help load dogs into foster home’s vehicles.