It was an extremely hot day in July. Two C.A.R.E. volunteers had made arrangements with San Jose Animal Care and Services to pick up a couple of dogs that were on their Rescue List.

While sitting in the waiting room, a nice couple was sitting across the room with a tired and tattered female pit bull, who was later named Tia. They had found Tia wandering around Coyote Lake in the heat of the day. It was obvious she had a litter of puppies recently, but no puppies were in sight and it appeared that Tia had been surviving on her own for some time.


She had a beautiful, crooked smile; she looked happy and relieved to be out of the heat. Tia was wagging her tail at others in the waiting room, including some kitties in a crate on the floor. But in looking at her physical appearance, it depicted a different story of years of neglect: her coat was sparse with fur, her skin was inflamed with blood and scabs in certain parts, her eyes crusted over with conjunctivitis, and her long nails curled on the floor’s surface.

We thanked the couple for bringing the dog in to the shelter, where others might not have bothered.
Days passed and the C.A.R.E. volunteers saw Tia’s picture on the shelter’s stray/rescue list. However, as quick as she appeared, she then disappeared from the list. We inquired, thinking an owner or rescue group had come forward to take her in. The shelter told us she was on the PTS (Put to Sleep List). Our hearts dropped as we knew this dog deserved better!

C.A.R.E. had no open foster homes at the time, so we reached out to the shelter for an extension of her stay to give us time to network with others. We struck gold when Deb with San Jose Animal Advocates and her team went to work, putting together a video of Tia at the shelter and hitting all the social media spots to spread the word about Tia and asked for help to save her.

Once C.A.R.E. had a temporary foster home lined up, Tia was able to leave the shelter. What a happy day that was for her and for all those that had played a part in her rescue! Tia is truly one lucky gal. At her first vet visit, Tia’s overall health assessment revealed a series of health conditions that would need to be treated: she had contracted kennel cough from the shelter, she had a severe skin infection due to flea dermatitis, she had an infection in both ears, her teeth had a lot of tartar and needed a dental, and she also had a bad eye infection, (conjunctivitis) and had been diagnosed with KCS (dry eye), a condition where she would need drops in her eyes daily the rest of her life.


photo Her fur was starting to fill in and her beautiful gray coat was starting to show. She was taking daily walks with her foster family and really had settled in very easily. Still sweet and now feeling better, she had more energy to play fetch or just hang out in the kitchen while her foster mom cooked meals for the family. She loved meeting new people and kids on the walks. Tia showed off her signature crooked smile and wagging tail.

Tia went in for surgery on August 23rd for a spay, dental, nail trim, microchip, and removal of the mass. Unfortunately, they were unable to remove the mass which ended up being a more difficult procedure than originally expected. C.A.R.E.’s vet recommended we take Tia to SAGE in Campbell (Centers for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care) to get her a colonoscopy and to remove her mass and send it in for testing. With that, Tia will have her surgery SAGE on Wednesday, September 6 where she will be in good hands.

We are all thankful that C.A.R.E. has had the opportunity to save her. We are hoping that once this surgery is done, she will be ready to start the next part of her journey. Tia deserves a life that is filled with love and commitment to her well being.

C.A.R.E. truly believes there was a reason our paths crossed with her that day at the shelter. We see many dogs. Tia just pulled at our heartstrings. She has struck at the hearts of a few. Hopefully yours too!

Her medical bills have set us financially back a little. We are organizing some fundraising efforts. We are telling you this story with the hope that you might consider a donation towards Tia’s medical bills, now in the range of $6,576-$7,000. C.A.R.E. feels she is well worth it. Our volunteer rescue work has always been about the dogs we can save.

You can help be a part of Tia’s journey by donating and spreading the word about her recovery. We will be posting her updates periodically and we hope to have her available for adoption when she is healed.

Please consider a donation and in PayPal, specify your donation to go towards Tia’s medical bills.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Tia – she’s one of many dogs that we were able to save and provide with a new lease on life. As always, the volunteers at C.A.R.E. really appreciate your support over the years!