It was a cool, crisp Sunday morning. A team of C.A.R.E. Volunteers had organized and converged upon a home in San Jose to rescue a litter of pups, who were all living outside, were getting larger every day, and becoming an unwanted nuisance to the families living at the residence.

We had been contacted a month earlier by one of the residents, asking us to take in a litter of pups that were overwhelming his elderly mother. It took about a month to work out arrangements which eventually brought us to their home. They brought out the pups in a cardboard box. All five pups were scared and huddled together. The Mama dog was a chihuahua mix and it was obvious there were two Dads involved as two pups looked like spaniel mixes and three were brindle in color. There were several other dogs on the premises – two male brindle pits, and one male spaniel mix.

We opened the back of one of the volunteers’ vehicles and started the assembly line of giving each pup worming medication, their first vaccine, a collar, and a C.A.R.E. identification tag. A couple of quick photos were taken and off they went to get a good bath and into warm foster homes.

Our volunteers didn’t stop there as the cycle of unwanted pregnancies needed to stop. We received cooperation and coordinated with the family to have the Mama dog spayed immediately, as she had previously had a litter of pups every six months. It was estimated she was 5 years old. You do the math. One litter is one too many.
Our hope is for one day to not be in existence because the need is gone. Until then, C.A.R.E. will remain an advocate for the importance of early spaying and neutering of pets and will remain committed to help with the overpopulation of homeless, and unwanted dogs.

Pups picture

Pictured are the five scared pups as we whisked them away to new and loving foster homes. Their names are: Josie, Jake, Luke, Tyler, and Joey and they are now all up for adoption! Please check them out and complete an online information application form if you are interested!!