April Showers Bring May Flowers

We’ve recently had more rain in the San Jose area – we’re glad to see that as we need the rain, but it makes it interesting if you have dogs: Do they deal well with rain? Do they like playing in the mud? Should you give them a bath every day? Do you have the right attire for them to be out in the rain (if you believe in dressing up your dogs ;-)? We’re happy to send a few rainy day ideas your way as well as some fun images to brighten your day! We’re also repeating an article we had about mushrooms – it’s important to be careful and keep our fur babies safe!


Should you give your dog a bath every day? Well, if they get as muddy as some of the dogs below, you may need to, but here’s some expert advice about how to deal with your dirty dog: An Expert’s Secrets to Cleaning Muddy Dog Paws.
photo = Muddy Paws

Doggie rain attire? Some of you are all over this and others think this is pretty ridiculous… In case you’re in, here are some resources for you:

Enjoy dressing your dog up! Please send us your pictures and we’ll be happy to share them on our Facebook page!


For those of you who wonder if dressing your dog up is the righ approach, here’s an interesting article that describes what you should consider: Why Not to Put a Raincoat on Your Dog: A Cogntive Scientist Explains the Canine Umwelt.

It’s still raining, so remember to keep an eye out for mushrooms popping up in your yard and the places you walk your dog. It’s best to assume that the mushrooms you see are toxic to your pets and remove them as soon as you see them sprouting up.

For more information about how mushrooms affect pets, here’s a great resource:

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And just remember:
April showers... Bring May flowers

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