Five is the Lucky Number

It was a cool, crisp Sunday morning. A team of C.A.R.E. Volunteers had organized and converged upon a home in San Jose to rescue a litter of pups, who were all living outside, were getting larger every day, and becoming an unwanted nuisance to the families living at the residence.

Final Chapter – The Story of Tia’s Rescue

For those of you who have followed Tia’s story from the beginning, we bring you “The Final Chapter”!

But for those of you just joining us, a quick recap: We posted a story about “Tia”, a 5 year old female pit bull terrier who we rescued from the San Jose Animal Shelter in August. She was in poor shape and needed medical assistance to become healthy enough to be placed for adoption into her new home. We had so many responses from animal lovers near and far, who donated funds for her medical care. Dr. Kiran Rapal DDS and her staff conducted a fundraiser with the proceeds that helped to put a huge dent into Tia’s medical bills. She was placed for adoption in mid-October and we had several people interested.

Volunteer Spotlight: Jessica and David

We have lots of caring volunteers who help with a plethora of duties at C.A.R.E. and this week we wanted to spotlight Jessica and David.

Jessica and David first learned about C.A.R.E. when they adopted Savannah approximately two years ago. They had recently reconnected with us, wanting to volunteer and help unite loving families with doggies who need exactly that.