Tributes made in honor of the humans and animals we have loved and lost. If you would also like to make a donation in memory of, please visit our donations page. It is not necessary to make a donation to post your tribute.


2003 – 2017

In memory of our beloved dog Bayleigh Valentino. Our family adopted Bayleigh from CARE in October of 2003. It was truly fate that we came across him as he was just dropped off that morning by a couple and our family immediately clicked. Bayleigh was very intelligent, loving, and was a big foodie! We would always tell him he was the best dog ever to boost his ego as top dog, however he really didn’t need it. When we walked with him down the street people would constantly stop us to admire his satellite ears and sky blue eyes. He even made it on TV as a “KOFY Dog.” Our family was very blessed to have him in our lives and we will continue to honor his spirit. “You may have left our lives, but you will never leave our hearts.”

The Redhill Family

Boo & Alex

In Memory of Boo & Alex

Kristine Fink


In Memory of Fudgie

James Sicolo


In Memory of my kitty, Eddie, who I adopted from you in 2001. He came to me one week before my father died so I named him after my Dad. He was the most wonderful and loving kitty with me for 16 years. I thank you so much for rescuing him. He was more than special. His original name was Milo when I got him from you.

Karen Joseph, Minden, NV


In Memory of sweet Bailey, who lost her battle with cancer in December 2017. She was adopted through CARE by Jim & Betsy Ryan.

John & Barb Stolar, Erie, PA


1999 – 2016

Sweet Sparky passed away on June 10th, 2016 after 14 years of unconditional love. He was 3 years old when my husband and I adopted him from CARE in April 2002. My kind husband passed away in 2003 and Sparky pulled me out of my depression. He loved to go on car rides. He was a well-loved member of our family and is dearly missed. RIP Sparky.

Love always,



2005 – 2016

Dear CARE – In 2005 we adopted a dog you had named Peanut, a blonde border collie who we named Zoe. She passed last month from a tumor on her face. I did all I could and we still lost her wonderful love. She was rescued from Hurricane Katrina as a puppy and I still remember the water sores on her paws and belly that never went away and were her personal God given Freckles. She arrived in San Jose on 9/15/05 and we adopted her Jan 1st 2006. We have taken her back to New Orleans as all should return to the land they were born. We are having a Memorial Service for her on 7/8/16.


Chris & Aidan


2006 – 2016

On Mother”s Day, I lost my best buddy and the love of my life. He lost his fight with cancer after two major surgeries and fighting cancer. The doctors gave him only 6 weeks to live, but my Baby Bo never heard them and lived 6 more months. They never live long enough and we are never ready when it is time to say good bye. My boy just had his 10th birthday. I will miss you every minutes of every day Baby Bo Bunny!

Love always,



2001 – 2015

My name is Erin and I was 11 years old when my family and I added a playful 6-week old pup named Twinkle, to our family. For the last 14 years Twinkle, whose name we changed to Hunee the night we brought her home, was deeply loved by our family and friends. Hunee brought so much light and joy into our lives and was the sweetest companion. She was my photographic muse, my travel buddy, my snuggle-buddy, and best friend especially in the most difficult times.

Sadly, Hunee passed away this week, just a couple months short of her 15th birthday.

We miss her greatly and will continue to remember her through our memories.

Thank you for what you do and allowing us to bring her into our lives.


Erin Takao


2002 – 2015

I adopted my much beloved Nala (then called Ramona) from you in February, 2002. She crossed the rainbow bridge on August 2, 2015.

She was the greatest dog of her generation, and had an amazing life. She went with me to England and back, and loved being a California dog. I think perhaps one of the best days she ever had was walking with me and my Dad in the Lake District in England, managed to get loose from her leash and collar, and chased sheep up and around a hillside. We had so many great adventures together from England to Yosemite to the beach in Santa Rosa.

I cannot explain how much happiness she brought me; I will forever be grateful to CARE for rescuing her and allowing me to adopt her, which resulted in her rescuing me. She will forever be missed and loved by Hazel and Andrea Kagan, among so many others.

Kind regards



2006 – 2014

Yannick came into my life as a skinny little C.A.R.E. dog named Spot. Yannick was my world. He taught me to love, and to be loved. He gave me so much love everyday. He protected me, and he kept me company. He was so small, but he had such an enormous heart. It was that big heart of his that inspired me to rescue several dogs over the years I shared with him. Yannick is no longer with my family, and it hurts everyday to be without him. His spirit is still with us, and everyday I’m thankful that C.A.R.E. rescued him, and he (in turn), rescued me. He will always be loved, remembered, and greatly missed.



2005 – April 1, 2015

Tosha was the best dog we’ve ever had. She was calm and got along well with people and dogs. She was also the smartest. When Pula (her step-brother) had something she wanted, she figured out how to trick him into giving it up.

Last year Tosha developed bone cancer but was diagnosed early. She lost a leg, but she had a good chance of surviving for awhile. When she finished her chemo last year, the nurses at Sage put a pink bow on her collar….It’s still there.

In March though a tumor developed in another leg. Too painful and no good way to treat it. But at least for several months she lived well as a 3 legged dog. On our last night together we had a slumber party in the family room. Tosha spent the night napping and eating her favorite people food: chicken, sardines, stinky cheese, cashew nuts, … We all miss her.

We adopted Tosha from CARE (Companion Animal Rescue Effort) in Campbell. She was our second dog from CARE, both of which were fostered by Leeann. There are many great dogs in shelters and rescues.
Paws up for Tosha, CARE, Leeann for her years of volunteering and everyone who supports CARE.




March 21, 2015

RIP Pugsley Elvis Peek-A-Boo. Today we said goodbye to our beloved Pugsley who was adopted 14+ years ago. His body just ran out of steam. He was totally blind and on chemo for his third cancer, but through it all was quite the trooper. Colleagues said this and shared the poem below – much better stated than I could ever say: “Pugsley hit the jackpot when you adopted him; you gave him a long, joyful, love-filled life. I know how hard it is to let a beloved dog go. But deep in… my heart, I believe that somehow, somewhere, you and Pugsley will see each other again. My thoughts are with you both today.” And this poem by Robinson Jeffers, for his bulldog Haig: “You were never masters, but friends. I was your friend. I loved you well, and was loved. Deep love endures to the end and far past the end. If this is my end, I am not lonely. I am not afraid. I am still yours.” The framed picture below is from his first day with us, 14+ years ago. We will miss his spirit, his companionship, and his expressive and soft ears. We love you, Pugman!


Cheryl & Karen


March 17, 2015

On March 17th, we said goodbye to our beloved dog, Jake; he was 16 years old. He had been showing signs of age for the last year, and recently had a stroke. He had stopped eating and drinking, and was sick to his stomach. He wouldn’t take his pain medicine for his arthritis and slipped discs. We had one last day with him, trying to soothe him and let him know how much he is loved. He was family for the 13 years since we adopted him from CARE. Jake had welcomed our two human babies into our family, and watched over them as his own. As the babies got older, Jake befriended our growing children, joining in tea parties, board games, book reading, lego building and table-scrap collecting. We have been camping, hiking, canoeing, swimming and road-tripping together. It was so hard to say goodbye and difficult to write this, but I thought you would like to know how long he was with us, and how much we loved him.

PS. Sharon was Jake’s CARE foster Mom when he came to us in November 2002. She had Jake for about a year before he found us. Thank you, CARE, for rescuing Jake for us.

Christina & Matt Muller


2001 – January 26, 2015

We just wanted to let you know that our sweet old girl, Red, died yesterday. We adopted her from you in December of 2001. She was approx.9 months old at the time, which means she was just shy of 14 years. She was a fabulous dog and we feel so lucky to have had her by our sides for so long. A year or two after we adopted her we moved to Philadelphia. She was our first “baby” and was one of the first to welcome all 3 of our human babies into the family. Thank you for giving us the chance to be with Red all these years. Here she is this summer after a great hike in the Pocono Mountains. She was an escape artist and always came back looking happy and tired. Except for 2 times when she did not come home on her own and both times her CARE Pets tag on her collar was what allowed us to find her. Thank you for the great work you do with the pups. If we were still in California, we would certainly come back to you to find our next friend.

We will surely miss her.

Andrea and David


2003 – June 30, 2014

A friend of mine, Peggy Lambdin, made a donation in honor of our dog, Hagrid, whom we had to send over the Rainbow Bridge on June 30th. My husband, Max, and I adopted him from CARE in 2003 (he was 8 or 10 weeks old) and he was the best dog we ever had. He was loved by everyone; even our groomer cried when I saw her last week and had to tell her (we still have our 7-yr-old Yorkie).

Peggy said you requested a picture of our Hagrid for your memorial wall, so I am enclosing one taken last winter (he loved the rain, just like me!) Don’t know when the hole in my heart will close again …

Thank you for all you do; blessings on your work.

Susan (& Max) Overland


October 30, 1994 – March 8, 2014

Rest in Peace Beloved Friend

Thank you to CARE and Cathy Thomas for rescuing Ribbit and so many other animals like him. He was the love of our lives.


Helen Theresa Connelly

In memory of Helen Theresa Connelly who loved animals and in honor of her daughter who does all she can to save them all.

Debra Coleman

Pinto Queen

November, 2013

It is with a heavy heart I’m writing you today. I lost my little Miss Pinto a couple of weeks ago. Her little body started shutting down and I had to make the tough decision. I walk into the house still expecting to see her jumping around and following me from room to room. I miss her terribly. We had so many great fun adventures. We went camping and boating. She went with me where ever I went, visiting, exploring, shopping, and constantly followed me from room to room in the house. It never got old even after almost 14 years!

Thank you for your kindness and caring heart.



August 31, 2013

On August 31st, our dearly loved dog, Chianti, who we got from you almost 13 years ago, died. She was the light of our whole family’s lives and we miss her. But we are so glad she came to us and enriched our lives. We wanted to make a donation in her memory.

The Halicki Family


August 30, 2013

I wanted you to know that Cody, the Pomeranian I adopted about 7 years ago, died of adrenal failure August 30 of this year. He had contracted SARDS almost two years ago and was blind. The vet told us that his heart was enlarged, which was causing the kidney toxins to build up plus a few other medical problems.

We truly enjoyed the time we had with him. He was such a great dog and we both loved him dearly.

Thank you for your part in allowing me to adopt him.

Embee Humphrey


1999 – August 11, 2013

I adopted Sam-oh from your organization 14 years ago. She passed away peacefully last weekend. She was my pride and joy and together we shared many fun adventures.

When I first saw that 8-week-old pup at your Campbell adoption facility, I couldn’t resist that cute little face. I brought her home that day despite being warned that she would be an active dog.

And she was definitely that! We took her to the park 3x a day to run, play ball, catch the frisbee (her favorite activity). She could jump 6′ in the air to get that frisbee! Everyone would stop to watch this amazing dog. At Ft. Funston, she would jump in the ocean to fetch her ball.

It’s these wonderful times that I will never forget. I’ll also remember her senior years, as she slowed down and would simply carry her frisbee in her mouth, unable to run and catch it.

From Sandy Siscko, her dogwalker: “In Memory of Sam-oh Drenan. She was a special pup with who loved the Frisbee, her brother Yogi and her Mom and Dad. She was an amazing spirit and is now playing on the other side of the rainbow bridge. You are greatly missed Sam-oh!”

She was a wonderful companion. I miss her every day.



February 24, 1999 – May 8, 2013

My husband and I adopted a puppy from your organization on June 12, 1999. Patrick (originally called Spencer) was 12 weeks old and an Irish Wolfhound mix. He was a wonderful pet and we loved him tremendously, but he declined over the past six months and we euthanized him this morning. I am convinced he had a long and happy life with us, and he brought us unlimited joy. He was born Feb.24, 1999, so was 14 years and nearly 3 months old.

He was fostered by Chris Smythe, and if she is still part of your organization, you might want to let her know. She did a fabulous job with his early socialization and training, and we’d like to express our thanks.

Miriam Palm


2002 – January 28, 2013

Ally came to CARE as skin and bones from the Humane Society. Eventually we figured out that her pancreas wasn’t generating the enzyme necessary to digest food and a few months later it failed further making her diabetic. She got crushed tablets to supply the enzyme and insulin shots and kept going like the little champ she was.

She was a little character. When she wanted some lap time, I would hear “Uh” … “Uh” from down on the floor. Usually she would be standing there with the toy o’day in her mouth, waiting to come up for a nap. When she was cold, she’d paw me until I covered her.

At CARE she loved to visit and was especially good at spotting the donut box – then using her squinty superpowers to make someone give her a taste. Since she didn’t properly digest her food, she could have all she wanted!
One day I was leaving CARE and put her in the car, with the door open since it was warm, and went back inside for something. Some minutes later we heard an odd noise…. It was Ally scratching at the glass front door. She had decided she had waited long enough and come to get me. Very funny little dog!

After two years of fostering her, and not much interest from adopters because of her special needs and age, I decided that no one would ever properly understand her “uh” and adopted her myself. She was an outstanding little dog and I loved her very much.

I’m sure she is now on a soft pillow somewhere in the sun, watching and commenting on the action, with her very own pink donut box which is always full of her favorites. Love you, Big Al!

JoAnn and other CARE fosters


We loved Cleo. She was a great companion for our golden retriever, Jack, for 13 years. She was depressed when Jack died two years ago. She survived 3 episodes of cancer over the past 5 years. She was such a love. I often thought we should have named her scout as she loved to go ahead on our walks to see what was coming only to circle back to us to “show us the way”.

She loved running with Matt during her early years. She loved Carmel beach with all the sand and ocean as long as we didn’t separate ourselves from one another. It was so important to her to keep the “pack” together!

This picture was taken at the Heritage Rose Garden in front of the “pink’a’boo” rose (which my grandchildren adopted in my honor). She enjoyed walking along the Guadalupe River walk!

We really miss her, but find comfort in the knowledge that she is not in pain. I still imagine her sitting under my feet when I sit at the computer. She crawled under the desk the minute I would sit here to work…

Pat Cox and Matt Holsinger


We were blessed to receive the wonderful gift of Kacy from C.A.R.E and Sue McGinness. After 13 great years our beloved Kacy has made her way to the Rainbow Bridge where she has met up with her beautiful and faithful sister Kaylyn and her devoted Grandma Ida where all three await us. Kacy was truly the happiest dog in the world. She is sorely missed each and every day. We want to thank C.A.R.E. and Sue for allowing and trusting us with Kacy. We were so very lucky and honored that we could be part of her life.

Love Doris & Kathy


Reeses came to us as a young guinea pig when our daughter was between apartments and needed a spot to hold her for the weekend. I was fine with that. Reeses had been rescued from a Santa Barbara shelter and given as a gift to our daughter. Reeses was supposed to be a male. I took her to Dr. Welsh for a nail trim and exam and saw the twinkle in Dr. Welsh’s eye when she said she had some news for me. Reeses was actually a little girl! Well, Reeses became a permanent pet in our home. I upgraded her living quarters and she became our greeter for visitors at the front door. The CARE foster dogs and pups also got to meet her and were evaluated as to their prey drive. Occasionally, little Reeses was removed from the “greeting area” and put in a back bedroom for her safety from more prey-driven fosters, but spent most of her time greeting all visitors – canine and human – when they entered our home. We all miss our squeaker girl. I still can’t cut up veggies for a salad without saving a carrot or lettuce piece for her. I have way too much time in the morning before work because I don’t have to laugh at her happy dance before her breakfast treat and cage cleaning. What a surprise it was for us to have a sweet little piggie become such a huge part of the family. Little girl, we miss you so much! Thank you for blessing us with your happy dance and sweet personality. You are missed every day, little peanut butter butt.


Honoring Jolie for all she has meant to our friends, Greg and Jim. She brought them much happiness and is sorely missed.

Guardian Angel Kelly

A giant thanks to C.A.R.E.’s “Guardian Angel Kelly” for her very generous gift to CARE in memory of her beloved grandmother, Vonnie. Her generosity is so much appreciated and will help so many animals. We love you Kelly!


July, 1998 – April 29, 2012

Our dear sweet Teddi was found abandoned on some rocks on Trinidad beach. No one knows how she got up there, or if someone put her there, but she would have surely died if she hadn’t been found by kind passers-by. They took Teddi to the local vet in McKinleyville who knew of the perfect couple for Teddi since they had recently lost their dog. That couple was my folks. Teddi joined their family in 1998 as a cute little bundle of joy. Not knowing her origins, people thought she wouldn’t get very big. Teddi continued to grow. The little almost black bundle of energy grew into a long legged grey bundle of energy…….and love. Teddi came to find her way to live with us, and our doggie Kelly, in early 1999. My father’s cancer was unstoppable and my mom was no longer able to care for Teddi. Teddi had grown into a medium sized, but incredibly strong dog.

Our daily, sometimes hourly, mantra when Teddi arrived was “Good thing Grandma loves you.” Teddi was a high spirited, higher energy, and most definitely opinionated doggy. She knew what she wanted, how she wanted it, and what she did not like. She took the house by storm. She and Kelly, though they came to love one another, definitely had a challenging beginning.

Teddi loved her walks, or jogs if she could talk us into it. She loved to play ball and was the fastest dog we had ever seen. My husband could kick her tennis ball with all his might and she would always catch it before it reached the fence. Neither could you get a ball past her. Teddi hated being brushed to put it mildly. With the two dogs they always looked like Lady and the Tramp. Kelly always pretty and lady-like and Teddi, a rumpled mess leaving havoc in her wake. We used to joke that she was part terrier, part velcro, and part Tasmanian devil. She couldn’t walk outside without a dozen leaves sticking to her fur. We always laughed how the house always had that outdoor look.

Teddi would defend her family ferociously. She took on a much larger dog one time when we were walking that came at me. With no thought for herself she stood her ground to a dog that towered over her. Thankfully we both made it out relatively unscathed. As gruff and grumpy as Teddi could be she was the most loving dog there was. She loved life and wasn’t afraid to show it. When given large steak bones she would take hers outside and enjoy it for hours. When cold she would nuzzle my hand to wake me up so I could lift up the comforter for her to snuggle under – right between my husband and I where it was the warmest. She had her favorite blankie that had to be on the bed for her to sleep and she was always touching it if not using it for a pillow. Many nights after she had rumpled up the blankets and she finally settled down you could hear her “I am content” sigh. The deepest, truest, most relaxing sigh I have ever heard. I sure do miss it at night.

Sadly the beginning of this year out of the blue our Teddi had her first seizure. Other than a minor back injury she had always been a healthy dog. We were so scared as we rushed her to the vet. Most likely a brain tumor. Medication seemed to work miracles but only for a short time. The seizures began again 4 weeks later…….then two weeks later…….then every day. The increases in medicine weren’t working and we could see Teddi’s health, balance, and energy deteriorating a bit more each day. Our sweet doggie, who could fly like the wind, who loved to run, who loved life so much now had a hard time walking around the house. Sometimes she would get confused, lost in the house she had known all her life.

On April 29th after another stronger seizure we said goodbye to our beloved Teddi. Our house is so quiet, too quiet. No crazy barking fits, no sweet dream sighs …….no pitter patter of paws across the floor. But we are comforted to know she is with her sister, Kelly Belly and they are playing and running pain-free again.


Kelly Belly

December, 1997 – March 24, 2012

We adopted Kelly on September 8, 1998. We walked into CARE’s adoption center and then it happened. I walked by Kelly’s cage and it was love at first sight. She looked so sad, so scared and sooo sweet. We took her out of her cage and she never went back. We learned she was named Kelly because she was found as a stray in Kelly Park. We brought her home to surprise my daughter, Stephanie. Steph was gone for the weekend and we couldn’t wait to see her face light up when she saw Kelly.

Kelly settled in to her new home life though she was very shy and skittish for a while. It was weeks before we heard her bark. We discovered her little personality traits and wondered where they came from. She was scared of spoons all her life. As much of a beggar dog she was she would not eat anything offered on a spoon or with a spoon in the bowl. She was a professional beggar and especially had her daddy wrapped around her paw. For most of her life she begged by sitting up and balancing with her tail. She would tap your leg with her paw if she felt she was being ignored.

Kelly loved her walks. She loved “popping” puffy dandelions. She would run up to them and bite at the cottony tops scattering them everywhere. She also loved playing with magnolia tree seed pods. She would pick them up by the stem end and carry them like a little cigar. After a block or two she would drop it and then walk a few feet. She would run back and pick it up, carry it for a while and repeat, over and over again along our walk.

We would always have to walk by the “lizard fence” which was a long sun-soaked stretch of chain link fence covered with a think growth of ivy. All the little neighborhood lizards hung out here. Kelly knew when we were approaching the fence. She would slow down and almost tippy toe along the ivy, slowly walking, listening, looking like the big hunter stalking her prey. “Shhhh……I’m hunting lizards” or “Here lizard, lizard, lizard” is what we would always say with a smile. Kelly would sneak up on any sunning lizards and dash after them if they dared to move. Thankfully all the little lizards were able to escape her supreme hunting skills.

Most of all Kelly Belly loved her family. She protected our house, warmed our hearts, comforted us when we were sad, and brought us such joy every day. She was our angel, our sweet soul, our dear sweet Kelly Belly.



I adopted Venus (aka Venie Benie) from CARE in San Jose in March of 2002. She was a somewhat shy and hesitant little girl at the time. It is hard to believe more than 10 years have gone by. I can barely even imagine my life without Venus in it. Venus grew into a wonderful, sweet, hilarious and loyal dog…all 110 pounds of her. She loved walks, her stuffed toys and definitely her meals.

Venus was responsible for a friend of mine getting over her fear of dogs and adopting a rescue dog of her own. She really made her mark on the world.

We had to say goodbye to Venus yesterday.

Right now, our hearts feel broke, but they also feel so much richer for having Venus. Venus had many fans, including her companion dog Mars, who is also feeling the loss.

Thank you CARE for letting me have Venus: The best girl dog in the world. We are having that statement engraved on her memory box.

Robin and John


Birdie was a loving companion of Barbara Norris for over 15 years. The Bird will be sadly missed.

Banshee Mae

November 1993 – March 1, 2012

After 18+ yrs of life and 17 years with me, our wonderful dog-daughter, Banshee, passed away March 1, 2012. She was a gift in my life that I cherished every day, for that I have eternal gratitude. She was my Affinity business partner for years, walking and socializing so many dogs, she had such great purpose in this world and left it here a better place. Thank you C.A.R.E. for rescuing her from a deplorable home and giving her a 2nd chance at life, your efforts are so appreciated.

Charlotte T. Pearce


June 1, 2006 – April 26, 2010

It is with the heaviest hearts that we inform you about the loss of precious tiny Codee. One year ago, my tiny angel passed away tragically undergoing a medical procedure. Our hearts continue to break every day. Codee was a teenee bundle of daily joy to my life, and came so very far in learning to finally trust. Every single day that I had her was a pleasure, how we loved to see that tiny face. Her blanket still sits at our bed. Many have tried to comfort, and some share statements that do not help and make it even harder. The fact is we never know how long we have our fur-angels with us, and what circumstance their beautiful spirits will choose to leave. As I blew into her lifeless, tiny face to assist her journey as I said goodbye, I found comfort knowing that she showed us often how happy she was here and that we gave her the absolute best life. My love for Codee is eternal.

Debra & Mark Goodman / San Jose, CA


Adopted: October 4, 2000 – Passed away: August 21, 2011

Maggie, having to say goodbye to you this morning was extremely difficult and so very sad but we both knew it was time to let you go so you could rest in peace. From the first moment I saw you I knew you would bring so much joy to our lives and I’m so grateful to C.A.R.E. for letting you and your brother Jiggs move into our home. You loved us unconditionally and spread that love all around our family, friends and everybody else you came in contact with. You were a very special ‘little lady’ and I will always carry your memories in my heart. Until we meet again.

Judy, Jiggs and Rags


Adopted: October 4, 2000 – Passed away: November 29, 2011

Well, here we go again. I just got back from Pets Friend Vet clinic – I had to have Jiggs put down. He has been slowing down a lot the last few weeks and yesterday he threw up a lot of slimy bile but seemed OK when I went to bed. This morning when I got up he had thrown up three times in the kitchen and once by the front door, he seemed very confused and he was holding his head at an angle so I think he might have had a stroke. Even though we know these days are inevitable, it never does get any easier. You will be missed, little guy, but I know how much you missed your sister Maggie so at least the two of you are together again. God Bless both of you.

Judy and Rags


March 6, 2010 – August 9, 2011

I was very blessed to have been your foster mom even if it was just for a short while. Your candle burned out long before it should have. I take comfort in knowing that your spirit is at Rainbow Bridge free from all the demons that haunt you. I will always remember you and your story will be passed on to others in your memory. You will always be loved and missed.



Casis. It’s almost impossible to say her name and not smile.

Recently, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Casis. She has been by our side for 13+ years and has always been a trooper. We’ve logged hundreds of miles together on foot, skis, and snowshoe. She loved the mountains, she loved the beach, she loved children and most of all she loved life.  She was always up for an adventure and always made us laugh. She was as unique as they come.

Sadly though, her hips just weren’t up for the challenge any more. The last few days had been hard on her. We struggled with our decision, but in the end we had to do what was right for her.

She passed peacefully with Kristin and I in the room with her. We feel blessed to have been able to spend so much time with her.

Goodbye, Casis. We will miss you. Thank you for all that you have given us. You were truly a gift.

Steve Kaylor


Nick was a handsome, stately, and generous companion of 16 years who loved his humans.

Misha Radford

Adopted: 1998 – Passed away: June 22, 2010

When we adopted him, we discovered that he had severe separation anxiety, and we hired a trainer to work with us. We never made any progress on limiting that, and we finally decided that he would be with one or both of us at any given time. throughout his life. We loved him that much.

We were lucky to be able to manage that. Phil had him at work with him every day, all day, and on any errands Misha rode shotgun in Phil’s truck. I was retired and kept him in the house with me whenever it was too hot for him at the “un-airconditioned” shop. He went on daily 45-minute walks at 6:15 a.m. and at 6:00 p.m. He also played daily at Lincoln Glen Park.

Misha had a great life. He loved going to the beach (a Samoyed at the beach?!). It was a sniffer’s paradise for any breed of dog. All that kelp washed up on the shore was extremely interesting.  And he loved chasing the birds. The water and sand on his feet, not so much. But we dealt with that mess, more our problem than his.

He also visited our favorite vacation place, the North Coast Redwoods, on several occasions. We were ”bad people,” and took him (on the leash) on several Redwood trails where dogs weren’t allowed. I have some lovely photos of him, with his gleaming white fur, in the middle of the ferns and the trees of the Redwood forest. He never peed or pooped there, (if he pooped, we picked it up), so I’m hoping he didn’t disturb the wildlife much.

Misha didn’t play well with other dogs. I chalk that up to a lack of early socialization before we adopted him. But he was unfailingly gentle and loving with every human person he ever met, especially small children.  I was amazed at how many parents would let their toddlers come up to him and pet him, without asking, and I  kept him on a very tight leash when kids wanted to touch him, but he was always sweet and loving with children.

He had a “girlfriend” named Zoe. She is a beautiful young Husky. Every time she saw Misha at the park, she let out a long wolf howl. Then she would run to him and lick his face and dance around him. Her owner said she never did that with any other dog. It looked like she was greeting a long-lost friend, although we’re not sure exactly what dog behavior means.  

So, thanks, again, for taking such good care of our boy over the years. We miss him desperately, but know he’s in a good place and that we’ll heal in time.

Blessings to you in the work you do,

Suzanne and Phil Radford


Adopted: November, 2009 – Passed away: January 10, 2011

When I first saw Casey on CARE’s website, I fell in love him right away … when I spoke to Kathy Vossler, she stated that many were interested in Casey but when they found out he was old and had heart problems, they walked away. How sad for them! If you are a dog lover, you know that when they get older, they need a lot of care. That’s where the love really comes in. Pet care can be very expensive, and it can be hard, but that’s when they really need your love and caring. (Unconditional love).

Casey was a real sweet heart, an old fart with an attitude, but very loyal and loving. Every day, he would lay beside my office chair while I worked, followed me every where I went, enjoyed running on 2.5 acres of fenced in land with his siblings [Pepper (Bichon), Baily (Poodle), and Princess (Cocker)], and claimed his space on the couch as his own. I can’t tell you how much joy he brought to me in the short 18 months that I had him. But I know that he was treated better in those months than he had been in his whole life. I miss his presence and company already……..

If you have the room in your heart, and space in your home – do your part, save and love an animal that needs you.

Sam Mills


Adopted: March, 1994 – Passed away: December 26, 2009

My dog’s name is Riga (her CARE name was Sally), and I adopted her from you in March, 1994. She died December 26, 2009. Thanks for allowing me to adopt this wonderful dog who brought joy (and consternation) to our home. We miss our wonderful friend.

Thanks for all that you do for the animals.

Sherry Frahm


Adopted: January 24, 2001 – Passed away: December 7, 2010

It is with such a heavy heart and incredible sadness that we said goodbye today. We were not able to watch you suffer any longer. It’s only because we loved you so very much that we could let you go. You were the perfect dog and beloved companion and you have left a huge hole in our hearts & our home. You were loved by everyone. I’ve never known that one big yeller dog could have such a fan club. You never met a stranger. How blessed we were to have you as part of our lives as well as the lives of many a foster dog, friends, family & neighbors.

Woo Woo Woo …..COOP DOG!

We will love you forever and hold you in our hearts until we meet again …………

Thanks to Gayla Cerulli, Linda English, David Wasserman & Chris Hamilton, Joan Taylor, and Patti Raso for their generous donations in memory of Cooper.


Sue, Steve, Keebler & Crockett


Adopted: May 5, 2010 – Passed away: July 15, 2010

Little Hamlet crossed over the rainbow bridge on July 15th after losing his fight against the parvo virus. He was only two months old. He and eight littermates were turned into the shelter and unfortunately were exposed to parvo while they were there. When we pulled them from the shelter, we had no idea of what was to come. Parvo is a deadly, highly-contagious virus that attacks puppies and unvaccinated animals. Despite all of the efforts of the vets and emergency staff, seven of the nine puppies have been affected and three have died.

Hamlet ….. may your little soul rest in peace. How very sad that you never got to have a lifelong family of your own. My heart is heavy with sadness in having lost you, but there is some comfort knowing that you are no longer suffering. I know that you were greeted with open paws by some very special canine family friends that have passed before you.

Thanks to Suzy & Gerald Freeny, Joan Taylor, Linda English, Christie Wieland, and Patti Raso for their generous donations towards the care of these puppies.

Love, Sue



Foster mom Suzanne: Dobbins was rescued from a horrible situation as a young pup. He was traumatized from his experience and entered my home as a very frightened little guy. He spent about a month recovering his health and spirit before being placed with a family who came to love him as much as I did. I was very saddened to receive the following:

Dear Suzanne, it is with great sadness that I write to tell you about the loss of our wonderful dog, Dobbie. 4 years ago you fostered Dobbie (Dobbins) after he was found in a dumpster off I-5. Dobbie was a very sweet dog, initially very tentative about new things and people after his horrible first 4 months of life, but I’m happy to say he had a wonderful 4 years of life after that. He became much more relaxed and enjoyed his walks, people, and life. Dobbie was a very much loved member of our family. He was recognized as a very special dog by all those he came into contact with. We thank you so much for being there for him in his time of need and offering us the opportunity to know this wonderful animal.

Sincerely, Jim, Claire, Drew, and Cori

Rest in peace, little Dobbie.

Suzanne (C.A.R.E. foster mom)


January 1, 2000 – September 14, 2009

In honor of the sweetest little dog that ever touched my life 🙂
Sasha Petrola
I love you Sasha Bear!

I used to carry her like a mother would an infant, and in front of the mirror, I would ask, “Who’s the most beautiful little baby girl in the world? Sasha Bear! Who loves mommy? Sasha Bear! Who loves Sashi? Mommy!” She was really beautiful inside and out. Two nights before she went away, I carried her in front of the bathroom mirror and asked her the same old questions. What touched me deeply was that she leaned and rested her head on my chest, then looked up at me as if to tell me she knows, she understands and that she loves me too.


1992 – 2009

A donation was made to CARE in honor of Heidi.

Heidi was completely devoted to me, and I to her. The love you get from a pet is just different from any other kind of love; there is nothing like it. I miss her so very much.

Lisa Golden


August 1995 – June 2009

Peanut, constant companion and best friend of Pegi Allen


May 1, 2000 – June 6, 2009

This donation to CARE is in memory of my best buddy, Rosie; she was a gift and worth far more to me than I could ever give back. We had only 9 years together; it wasn’t nearly enough.

Despite some tough times with Rosie’s various health issues, together we did a long list of active “dog stuff” and had all the “Mom and Me” adventures that I could come up with. She traveled in the passenger seat of the motorhome and we played ball in countless rivers and lakes all over the country.

Rosie brought me so much joy and laughter over those 9 years, and her passing has left a very large hole in my life. As time goes on, I hope to be able to at least partly fill the emptiness with memories of the good times we had and the places we went, near and far. And, wherever her spirit is now, I hope there’s a river and a ball there, too.

Joan T.


The employees of MRI made a donation to CARE in honor of Cleo, beloved companion of Elisha H.

Daniel and his dog Jr.

A donation was made to CARE by Christine Smythe in loving memory of her son Daniel and his dog Jr., who have rejoined each other on the other side.