Fall is here! And that means it’s time for cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and Halloween. A holiday, that unfortunately for pets, can be filled with looming dangers.

Here are four reminders that can help keep your pet safe on Halloween.

Blow Out the Candles
Glowing pumpkins look great and make your house extra spooky, just make sure to keep them safely out of reach. Pets, and little kids for that matter, can easily knock over burning candles, creating a truly scary Halloween.

Also be aware of other Halloween decorations that can be pulled down, fall down, or are an entanglement risk.

Watch those Doors
As you hand out candy and other treats to gremlins, princesses, and pirates remember to keep an eye on your curious pets who would love nothing more than to sneak out that front door.

If you have a room where you can lock up your furry ones for a few hours, even better! This will keep them from running out the door and away from the sometimes frightening and always strange sights and sounds of trick-or-treaters.

Hide the Candy
We all know chocolate is bad for dogs. But so are candy corns, sweets containing xylitol (a common sugar substitute), and many other treats just calling your pooch’s name. And don’t forget the wrappers! The more inquisitive and less picky pets will eat those too.

Keep your pets inside
Good rule any day of year, but be extra watchful around Halloween when pranksters have been known to tease, injure or even steal pets from their yards. Keep your loved one safe inside, especially at night.